Ongoing Nose Work Classes

For teams that want to get starting in the sport of K9 Nose work. This class will include introduction to the game of nose work using a primary reward (toy or food). Each session will focus on building the foundation skills needed to be successful in the fun game of nose work. Each dog learns to hunt independently in a class environment at their own pace and each handler learns how to read their dog's body language while they are problem solving in the world of scent. The primarily focus of this class will be K9 Nose work - fundamentals, handler recognition of the dogs communication and giving the dog a fun game they can play anywhere for their lifetime. 

Intro Classes now forming at Heng Ten K9

​Introduction To K9 Nose Work

Private coaching is available for K9 Nose Work, AKC Evaluations or behavior modification assistance. 


Can be divided into two 1/2 hour sessions.

​Additional travel charge may apply depending on location.

For dogs who have completed Introduction to K9 Nose Work and are ready for Introduction to the first target odor.

Contact me for Info


Please read the instructions then follow the link below to reserve class times

For each dog - Choose all the dates you wish to attend and check those boxes. Click Submit Sign up!

Then fill in Dog Name in the comment section for each class.

If you are signing up multiple dogs for the same class you will need to change the quantity from 1 to 2.

You will need to check the box for each class/week you plan to attend.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend a class that you reserved please log in and cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance so that someone else may take the spot. If you do not cancel your reservation you may be charged for a class.

Ongoing classes break for Summer after May 29

Regular ongoing classes will resume July 31


​Ongoing classes are purchased in 4-pack ($100), 8-pack ($180) or 12-pack $240

Once you have purchased classes you must RESERVE CLASS TIMES in Sign Up Genius by clicking the link below.​​


Sign up for any or all of the Summer Drop In Classes. 

Three dates available: 

TUESDAY JUNE 26 10:30-12:30

TUESDAY JULY 10 10:30-12:30

FRIDAY JULY 13 10:30-12:30

For dogs that have completed Introduction to K9 Nose Work and Introduction to Odor.

Ongoing classes are purchased in 4, 8, or 12 packs which can be shared between dogs in the same household.

Tuesday 10:30am NW2 Prep

Tuesday 12:00pm NW1 Prep

Friday 1:00pm Trial Prep 1-2-3